CAWS Music Scholarship – Apply Now

Williams Syndrome child with musical insturment

Apply for the CAWS Music Scholarship today

To help foster the affinity and sometimes exceptional talent for music found in those with Williams Sydnrome, we’re proud to offer the new CAWS Music Scholarship.

For anything related to music

The $200 music scholarship can be used for anything related to music.  You might apply for a scholarship for music lessons, buying an instrument, music therapy, or attending a music camp.
Five scholarships are available for Williams Syndrome individuals across Canada! One applicant will be chosen from each of these regions: B.C. and the northern territories, the Prairies, Ontario, Quebec, and the Atlantic Provinces. The CAWS Music Scholarship is open to Canadian individuals 6 to 21. // percussion

Music Scholarship committee

Recipients will be selected by the Music Scholarship Committee, made up of two volunteers and the Music Scholarship Coordinator.
You can apply for the scholarship by filling out this form or by emailing the Music Scholarship Coordinator,  Applicants should include pertinent information such as name, address and age of applicant, name and address of nominator and a brief outline of the applicant’s musical experiences, goals and a description of what they intend to use the scholarship for. A short audio or video clip ( attachment or link to hosting site) featuring the applicant’s musical talents should also be included.

 The deadline for applications is April 30.

    Please feel free to contact Rick Chmilar if you have any questions or check out the CAWS Winter newsletter for more details.