Helpful Resources

General Resources for parents

  1. Male Growth Chart
  2. Paediatric Growth Chart
  3. Health Watch Table – Williams Syndrome 
  4. Cleft Palate BCCH
  5. The Ontario Cleft Lip and Palate/Craniofacial Dental Program
  6. Endocrine Conditions


Funding available through the Government of Canada:

  1. Disability Tax Credit
  2. Child Disability Benefit
  3. Registered Disability Savings Plan
  4. Canada Child Tax Benefit
  5. Universal Child Care Benefit

Funding and services in British Columbia:

  1. Find Support BC connects families of persons with disabilities with resources available to them
  2. Support for Genetic Testing
  3. Inclusion BC

Funding and services in Alberta:

  1. Family Supports for Children with Disabilities 
  3. RobinHood Association for the Sherwood Park area. 
  4. Inclusion Alberta

Funding and services in Manitoba:

  1. Society for Manitobans with Disabilities 
  2. Services for Manitobans with Disabilities
  3. Abilities Manitoba
  4. Community living Manitoba

Funding and services in Ontario:

  1. Assistance for Child with Severe Disabilities
  2. Special Services at Home Program
  3. Assistive Devices Program
  4. Easter Seals Society Ontario
  5. Children in Need of Dental Treatment
  6. Ontario Child Benefit
  7. Community Living Ontario
  8. Ontario Recreation Funding


Funding and services in Nova Scotia:

  1. Nova Scotia – Disabilities Center
  2. Housing Resouces for those with disabilities in Nova Scotia 
  3. Early Intervention
  4. Genetics Centre
  5. Hearing and Speech
  6. IWK Heath Centre
  7. IWK Heart Centre
  8. Nova Scotia Association for Community Living

Funding and services in New Brunswick:

  1. New Brunswick Association for Community Living
  2. The Provincial Recreation Access Fund Program
  3. New Brunswick Disability Support Program

Alternate Funding Sources and Charitable Organizations

  1. A World of Dreams
  2. Children First
  3. Jennifer Ashleigh Foundation
  4. President’s Choice Childrens Charity
  5. Holland and Bloorview Funding Programs
  6. Funding Guide for Young Children with disabilities
  8. Companion flight


Additional links

  1. Traveling with Special Needs – WestJet
  2. Traveling with Special Needs – Air Canada
  3. Traveling with Special Needs – Via Rail
  4. Traveling with Special Needs – Fly Porter
  5. Traveling with Special Needs – Grey Hound 
  7. Easter Seals Ontario