Winter 2018


In this edition, you’ll find details on the changes to the music scholarship program, a heartfelt tribute to Evan Dew, a review on a new book about managing behavioural challenges and the incredible letter from a mom to her daughter included below.

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To my daughter, whose brother needs a little more attention

Remember when I said “I wish I could split myself down the middle”, so I could be with you and your brother at the same time? I meant it with all my heart. 

But unfortunately, I don’t possess that ability. It’s ok to get frustrated, sad, put out and even angry. Honestly, sometimes I feel all those things too. I may pause or take a little linger to meet your wants and needs and I am sorry for that. 

You may not understand all of what I write, but I promise someday you will. You are a gift. Mommy and Daddy were so lucky when you arrived. You are our first. This is your title to hold always. There has been and will be moments when you won’t feel it, but baby girl know it! Always know you are loved. 

We were lucky again when your brother came along, a little boy to be loved by all. Little did we know he would flip our world upside down and teach us all how to look at the world differently. 

You are lucky. You know why? You are lucky because as you grow you will learn; sometimes harder than others to be brave, to be strong, to be independent, to be kind, to be compassionate, to help someone in need an sometimes to just step aside for a moment. These are traits that everyone in the world struggle with but you, sweet girl have already shown these in one moment or another. 

Daddy and I are so proud of you. We understand that you are You. And your brother is Him. We know to love you as much but differently. This doesn’t mean more or less. You help carry this family’s challenges and you help celebrate our successes. You are important honey in everything we do. 

As your brother grows he will be challenged both physically and mentally. He will continue with learning and attending appointments. He will seem like the most “famous” guy around. He will travel bumpy roads that will need paving. He will struggle. He will need us. There will be days when he will need just YOU. WE will ALWAYS be there. 

As time comes and goes, you will take your own roads. Drive them freely and sometimes wildly because you deserve it. You are amazing both inside and out. You will become a GREAT person because of the things you know now and the things you will come to know. You are important, you are loved. You are a sister, sweetie, one of the very best. 

Love Mom

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