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Meet Kayla

Hi, my name is Kayla, I am 18 years old, and I live in Montreal with my parents and two brothers.

I was diagnosed with Williams Syndrome at 16 months old. I started walking at 2 years old and my mom tells me I would cry a lot as a baby. At 6 months old at my christening party is when we first saw my social side - I had the brightest smile and my beautiful blue eyes sparkled extra bright because I was at a party surrounded by people! In my early years I showed my skills in dance and to this day love for music. My favorite things in the world are going to concerts, going to parties, and traveling.

What a year this has been! While I was excited to become an adult and try my 1st drink, I was quite overwhelmed by the transition especially to the adult medical system. It has been a very difficult last two years with lots of doctor's visits for my ever-worsening stomach pains. Finally the root cause of my pain has been found to be Endometriosis, a condition affecting many women that often goes unresolved for many years. I have been fortunate to have a successful surgery and I am feeling like my happy, Sassy, self again. If anyone is suffering from this condition, feel free to reach out to me and my mom and we can give you more insights on our experience. I really want to help so that nobody must go through the difficult time I went through.

A huge thank-you to my supportive Mom (happy Mother's Day mom- love you), and my amazing friends. When I'm having a rough time, I can always count on my Williams Syndrome brothers and sisters from around the world (through social media) to help me. I love you guys!!

Kayla (and mom Marisa) xoxo