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Love of Music 

Music is often a strength for individuals with Williams syndrome (WS). Research has found that many people with WS tend to have an intense interest in music, a strong musical memory, and an ability to recognize and identify melodies and rhythms.
Studies have shown that some  individuals with WS have a greater-than-average ability to perceive and remember pitch, rhythm, and timbre. They also tend to have a strong emotional response to music and may enjoy singing, playing instruments, or listening to music.
This affinity for music is thought to be related to the unique cognitive profile associated with WS. Individuals with WS often have strengths in verbal and auditory processing that may contribute to their musical abilities.
Music therapy has been used to help individuals with WS develop their musical skills and to support their social and emotional development. For example, group music therapy sessions may help individuals with WS improve their social skills, communication, and self-expression.
Overall, music can be an important part of the lives of individuals with WS, and can provide a source of enjoyment, creativity, and social connection.