Support, Advocacy, Education and Community for those affected by Williams Syndrome


Meet Ainsley

Hi friends,

My name is Ainsley. I live with my mom and dad and 2 dogs in a small  town near Ottawa. I just wanted to let you know what my week looks like.

On Monday mornings I work at Shoppers Drug Mart with my spectacular job coach Jeni-Lynn. I really love working at Shoppers because the people who work there are so nice. Shout out to my boss Opal who is always enthusiastic and involved. That’s my boss Opal and me in the picture.

Opal and Ainsley


In the afternoon I do a virtual craft club with my fabulous Aunts. I also have music therapy with my wonderful bestie  Shannon. We laugh so much together that Shannon feels like a sister to me.  Whenever I feel sad or down before a session I always feel free by the end of my time with Shannon. That's me and Shannon at the keyboard during one of our sessions.


Shannon and Ainsley


On Tuesdays I spend the morning at Lanark County Support Services Agency (LCSS). My day starts with social time and a beverage and then Zumba. I love Zumba because it makes me feel energetic. There’s just something about music and moving that lifts me up. Tuesday evenings I have music therapy online with Sarah, who is so inspiring, and my beautiful friends with Williams Syndrome.

On Wednesdays I have a cooking class with LCSS. I make delicacies like chicken caesar salad wraps, shepherd’s pie, Mac and cheese, pigs in a blanket and homemade pogos. We go grocery shopping for all the ingredients too. I cook with my friends Aly and Joanna and Jeni-Lynn.

On Thursdays I volunteer at our community food centre or the Library.  At the community food centre I pack fresh food boxes. I put fruits and veggies in boxes for people who have placed orders. Sometimes I have to count or weigh the produce. The people I work with there are brilliant! That is a picture of our team in front of the boxes.

Ainsley at the Food Centre


On the Thursdays I don’t work at the community food centre, I help out with children’s story time at our Library. I work with Heidi, the children’s librarian. She is wonderful, so happy and energetic.  On Thursday afternoons I have music therapy with Shannon again. I’m so lucky to have music therapy 3 times a week.

On Friday mornings I read virtually with my friend Margie. She is a retired librarian who loves to read and who loves bringing characters to life. I have been reading with her every week since the pandemic started and I always look forward to it. She makes me laugh. After reading I go horseback riding with Maria. Usually I ride Little Mo. Being outside in the open makes me feel relaxed and happy. Maria has a way of making people feel serene. Every Friday afternoon I connect virtually with my pal Asha.  We started zooming every Friday when the pandemic started and haven’t stopped.

Ainsley and Little Mo


Another thing I like to do is  socialize with friends and family. I also listen to music and check out coffee shops in town. I visit my grandma and spend lots of time playing with my dogs Emma and Kaz. I like FaceTiming with my brother Liam. Liam plays football with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.  He is the best brother ever. He is funny and he makes me laugh, especially when he gets the dogs all riled up! I have been to Winnipeg a few times to see Liam play. I included a picture of us. If anyone is a Blue Bomber fan maybe we could go to a game together!


Tata for now! Ainsley